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Two new Matthews International ETFs in registration

Matthews Emerging Markets Discovery Active ETF
Matthews China Discovery Active ETF


  • edited December 2023
  • It begs the question, why Matthews now when there are many better choices elsewhere?
  • As far as I’m concerned, Matthews has poisoned the well. I will never invest with them again. When an investment company destroys my trust, I’m through with them.
  • @Tarwheel - can you please expound on the poisoning? Thanks I have a lot of Matthews and you have me concerned for sure.
  • @SecretAgent - My issue with Matthews was an investment with MAPIX. I owned it for more than 7 years, and it still lost money. I’m a buy and hold investor, and didn’t realize all of the turmoil going on at Matthews — managers leaving, manager changes, etc. They changed the manager of MAPIX, who changed its investment style significantly— and it went from a top performing fund to the bottom of the barrel. It made significant gains the first few years that I owned it, and then cratered. All of this happened after the management changes. My fault, I guess, for not keeping abreast. Apparently, a lot of their top managers quit.
  • Same thing happened to me Tarwheel. I would never invest with them again.
  • edited January 7
    "Apparently, a lot of their top managers quit."

    Yes, many Matthews Asia portfolio managers left the firm.
    This was previously discussed in the MFO thread listed below.
    There are a few other related MFO threads regarding Matthews Asia.
  • Even it may be a bit late, but it is time to move on elsewhere. In the future, keep track of the managers, especially active management.
  • edited January 10
    Are there enough portfolio managers still there to actually manage these new offerings??
  • Just steer clear. Matthews by now is like a black hole. Back in the '90s they were at the top of their game. It's a disaster now.
  • Crash said:

    Just steer clear. Matthews by now is like a black hole. Back in the '90s they were at the top of their game. It's a disaster now.

    If the troubles continue, maybe they'll get acquired by a consolidator/supermarket like AMG at some point....?
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