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  • johnN
    Thank you sir
    Think we have 13 died do far it's been few weeks now still too early to tell
    Another person works in private hospitals told me the incidence maybe way under reported in term of how many gets it and how many may decrease. Large private owned hospitals do not want to report because patients may stop coming to their hospitals. Only states and gov entities report incident complications. So the numbers maybe way under report. Where we live at least 20 cases already that are not reported in media, so its here and blowing up quickly. You are right at the end game many more will die compared to flus
    March 2020
  • johnN
    Hi sir...thx for does taxations work with buying or selling gold bullions ..are they 15% capital gains tax..thx
    February 2020
    • msf
      I'm about as far away as possible from being a goldbug, so this is not something I've paid that much attention to. My understanding is that physical gold is taxed as a collectible.

      That means that it is taxed as ordinary income for short term gains, and as ordinary income with a 28% cap for long term gains. Both subject to the 3.8% net investment income surtax for taxpayers with high MAGI.

      See instructions for line 18 of Schedule D, including 28% worksheet:

      Collectibles include works of art, rugs, antiques, metals (such as gold, silver, and platinum bullion)
  • No degrees, though I did take Accounting 101 in high school :-)

    I'm pretty careful with my own taxes, so it's not too hard to respond to questions where I've had personal experience - such as selling a home or inheriting property. But if a question concerns something I've never seen, I'll beg off. There's nothing like seeing a question about a state specific tax issue in, say, Montana.
    August 2019
  • johnN
    hi sir. do you do your own tax or have cpa degree. thx..hagd..maybe looking for a new cpa
    August 2019
  • Old_Joe
    Hi msf- In the current thread "House Just Passes Tax Overhaul" you seem to be responding to Ted, but to this point he hasn't really commented, other than his original post starting the whole thing.

    My comment was actually a parody of a typical "Ted" comment when something displeases him, complete with a bunch of frowning emoji. I did note that I was just kidding, but perhaps you read my "contribution" in haste and thought that it was actually Ted. That's probably why davidrmoran wondered who you were responding to. Sorry for causing unnecessary chaos.

    November 2017
  • davidrmoran
    Not truly random but pseudorandom, I think, right?
    What an excellent post, and impressive about no formal stat work. Me either, as they say.
    July 2017
  • davidrmoran
  • davidrmoran
  • davidrmoran
  • I want to thank you for the great tip of share class conversion. Wish I had thought of it earlier. Happy investing!!!!!
    July 2016