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  • Did you notice that all the time that you were away from Big Bang, Norbert was away too. Now that you are back, he is suddenly posting again!
    September 2023
  • I understand that you can get back on Big Bang! I look forward to talking with you there.
    September 2023
  • johnN
    Hi sir where can I find your postings regarding latest market condition
    Stay safe + blessed
    October 2022
  • you got that right pal!!!
    September 2020
  • johnN
    hello, its unclear if HCQ works. although my friends [RNs] tell me he went to private MD and been taking HCQ and zinc since 3 months ago, whole family no covid] amazing
    we dont really know what happens thogh
    August 2020
  • johnN
    Thank you sir

    We have penfed ...great credit card for buying homes/cars
    Boa visa also excellent

    Those are only two credit cards we have

    Wifey for some reason love discover, we have one disc card for this purpose

    Kind regards
    July 2020
  • Hi FD1000, Thank you for the invitation to commute through email. However, I don't give my personal email address to people that are not known to me. Beside, any investment thought that I would have would be posted under the discussion section at MFO. You are welcome to contact me through the message system if there is something that you would like to discuss privately. Old_Skeet
    July 2020
  • Hi FD1k, There are some on the board (not me) that take issue with learning of the success of others. For me, I enjoy reading and learning of the success of others. Perhaps, they may offer in sharing their insight and or perspectives as to how they their achieve success. You are doing just this and I encourage you to continue. Years back I would get called out when I'd post the outcome on some of my spiffs. Finally, one day one called me out and ask me to start posting my positioning as to my positioning as I went and not after. They had to learn it was not jive posting that these were live trades that were working. I still post what I'm doing as it seems to get their "goat" ... even today ... in me doing so. After all, if it did not work I would not keep posting and crawl under a rock. My thoughts to you ... keep posting as your post are helping me in my fixed income area. Thanks ... be to you. Old_Skeet
    July 2020
  • johnN
    June 2020
  • johnN
    Hi sir IMHO NOV5 trump 380. Bidden biden lucky to get few states senate potus all red wave...
    May 2020
  • Hi FD100. I'm thinking you would make a good host for the Buy Sell & Ponder thread. Pudd is giving it up after two years and I did it before him and after Scott who left the board. I'm thinking you would develop a good following posting your fund positioning, changes and tweaks. Something to consider. Nice to have you with us. Take care. Skeet
    May 2020
  • johnN
    Look at FFH.PRC

    We have these preferred stocks and absolutely love them
    Price may go down but they give reasonable annual yields

    We also hold att bonds
    March 2020
  • johnN
    thx for Commentary
    What are your favorite 3 vehicles funds ETF stocks that you keep adding no matter what market is doing
    February 2020
  • johnN
    Hi.. What firm do you buy your munis... Yield so bad now because if credit rate raised, stocks market so high and not many want munis

    We buy them at Vanguard or schwab but have not buy munis in awhile over weigh in bonds presently
    September 2019