Great Owls

These funds rank in the top return group of their categories for all evaluation periods 3 years and longer, as described on the MFO Ratings Definitions page. They are updated quarterly.


The three tables below present latest Great Owls organized by overall investment type: fixed income, asset allocation, and equity. Use icons in lower right corner to view full-size spreadsheet in Excel online, which includes supports search and print, or download single file. If having trouble viewing, click here.


  • The MFO Rating System evaluates oldest share class only funds.
  • All metrics computed using monthly total returns from Lipper Data Feed Service for U.S. Open End funds.
  • Return Group Rank for each evaluation period specified (20, 10, 5, 3 year), as applicable.
  • Risk Group Rank reflects composite of all evaluation periods.
  • Other metrics tabulated are for oldest evaluation period only.