Manager changes, November 2011

By Chip

Because bond fund managers, traditionally, had made relatively modest impacts of their funds’ absolute returns, Manager Changes typically highlights changes in equity and hybrid funds.

Fund Out with the old In with the new Dt
American Century International Value Fund (ACVUX) Managers Gary Motyl and Neil Devlin Armando Lacayo and Elizabeth Xie 11/11
Baron Fifth Avenue Growth (BFTIX) Randall Haase Alex Umansky, previously of Morgan Stanley 11/11
Columbia LifeGoal Growth (NLGIX), Columbia LifeGoal Balanced Growth (NBIAX), Columbia LifeGoal Income & Growth (NLGAX), and Columbia LifeGoal Income (NLFAX) Kent Bergene and Kent Peterson Melda Mergen and Beth Vanney 11/11
Columbia Overseas Value (COVIX) No one, but . . . Colin Moore joins the team 11/11
Dreyfus High Yield Municipal Bond (DYBIX) No one, but . . . Jeffrey Burger joins as a manager, to work with  current manager James Welch 11/11
Dreyfus Intermediate Municipal Bond (DITEX) No one, but . . . Thomas Casey joins as a manager, to work with  current manager Steven W. Harvey 11/11
Fidelity Balanced(FBALX) and  Fidelity Advisor Balanced (FABLX) Matthew Friedman Tobias Welo 11/11
Fidelity Emerging Markets Discovery Fund (FEDDX) It’s a new fund Ashish Swarup 11/11
Fidelity Small Cap Growth(FCPGX) Lionel Harris Pat Venanzi 11/11
Fidelity Small Cap Stock(FSLCX) Andy Sassine Lionel Harris 11/11
Fidelity Total Emerging Markets (FTEMX) It’s a new fund John Carlson 11/11
Invesco Global Equity (GTNDX)and Invesco Structured Core (SCAUX) Ralph Coutant Michael Abata joins the team 11/11
Legg Mason Capital Management Value Trust (LMVTX) Bill Miller Comanager Sam Peters will become lead portfolio manager 11/11
Marshall Emerging Markets Equity (MIEMX) subadvisor Trilogy Global Advisors M&I Investments Management 11/11
Oppenheimer Quest Opportunity Value (QVOPX) Emmanuel Ferreira Michelle Borré 11/11
Templeton BRIC (TABRX), Templeton Emerging Markets Small Cap (TEMMX), and Templeton Asian Growth No one, but . . . The new team of Mark Mobius, Allan Lam, Dennis Lim, and Tom Wu. 11/11
Templeton Frontier Markets (TFMAX) No one, but . . . Current solo manager Mark Mobius, will now be joined by Allan Lam, Dennis Lim, and Tom Wu. 11/11
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