Manager changes, January 2012

By Chip

Because bond fund managers, traditionally, had made relatively modest impacts of their funds’ absolute returns, Manager Changes typically highlights changes in equity and hybrid funds.

Fund Out with the old In with the new Dt
American Beacon International Equity (AAIPX) Boston Company Asset Management “has been terminated.” Yikes. Causeway Capital Management, Lazard Asset Management, and Templeton Investment will remain. 01/12
Fidelity Low-Priced Stock (FLPSX) No one, but . . . Joel Tillinghast has returned from a four month leave-of-absence.  Sadly, Fido admits this is part of a succession plan. 01/12
Fidelity Overseas (FOSFX) Ian Hart, whose first three years hugged the index and whose last three sagged well beneath it Vincent Montemaggiore 01/12
Fidelity Stock Selector Small Cap (FDSCX) Charles Myers has left the team Five other managers remain. 01/12
Fidelity Series Small Cap Opportunities (FSOPX) Charles Myers has left the team The same five managers who’ve run this and Stock Selection Small Cap.  Odd that this fund, open only to other Fido funds and their managers, is so dramatically better than their other charge. 01/12
Fidelity Trend (FTRNX) Jeff Feingold, who was supposed to manage Magellan and four other funds, is now concentrating solely on Fidelity Magellan (FMAGX) Dan Kelley 01/12
Fidelity Large-Cap Growth (FSLGX) Jeff Feingold, latest lamb on the Magellan altar Dan Kelley 01/12
Fidelity Advisor Strategic Growth (FTQAX) Jeff Feingold Dan Kelley 01/12
Fidelity Value Discovery (FEQTX) Scott Offen, who now manages Fidelity Equity Income II (FEQTX) Sean Gavin 01/12
First Eagle Gold (FEGIX) Abhay Deshpande Lead manager Rachel Benepe and associate manager Chris Kwan will remain 01/12
INTECH International (JMIIX), U.S. Core (JIRMX),  U.S. Growth (JRMGX), and U.S. Value (JRSIX) Robert Fernholz, although he will remain at Intech in a consulting role. Vassilios Papathanakos 01/12
MFS International Growth (MGRAX) No one, but . . . Kevin Dwan will join David Antonelli as a comanager 01/12
Morgan Stanley Institutional Core Fixed Income (MDIAX), Core Plus Fixed Income (MFXAX), and Long Duration funds (MSFVX) W. David Armstrong and Sanjay Verma No one. The other comanagers will keep going. 01/12
Oakmark Equity & Income (OAKBX) Ed Studzinski retired at the end of 2011, for whatever reason Oakmark offered only one week’s notice of his departure after 12 years on the fund. Comanager Clyde McGregor, who has been with the fund since 1995, will continue and will receive some additional analytical support. 01/12
Oppenheimer International Small Company (OSMAX) No one. The previous manager, Rohit Sah left last year. Rezo Kanovich will be the new lead manager. 01/12
The Pax World Global Women’s Equality Fund (PXWIX) Sujatha R. Avutu, Senior Portfolio Manager since 2007 Ivka Kalus-Bystricky 01/12
Putnam Global Utilities (PUGIX) Long term manager Michael Yogg. George Gianarikas 01/12
Sentinel Capital Growth (SICGX),Sentinel Growth Leaders (SIGLX), and Sentinel Sustainable Growth Opportunities (CEGIX) Elizabeth Bramwell, lead portfolio manager and investing icon, retires in March 2012 Kelli Hill, who served three years as one of 11 co-managers of Old Mutual Large Cap Growth (OILLX) 01/21
Third Avenue International Value (TAVIX) No one, but . . . Matthew Fine will join Amit Wadhwaney as a comanager 01/12
Virtus Tactical Allocation (NAINX) No one, but . . . Christopher Kelleher will join as comanager of fixed income assets 01/12
Walden Balanced Fund (WSBFX) Long-time manager Stephen Moody Walter Apfel, like Moody a Boston Trust employee 01/12


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