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3 out of 4 retirees receiving reduced Social Security benefits



  • MJG
    edited May 2015
    Hi Old Joe,

    Just as a demonstration of how tiresome your word-smithing is, permit me to momentarily join that unnecessary cohort.

    " Over and out" is improper communication discipline. "Over" means I'm done and expect a reply. "Out" means the exchange is finished. These are mutually exclusive and should never be used together. I expected your military experience taught that lesson.

    This form of exchange is boorish ( thanks to Old Joe's alert, I edited a misspelling here) and nonproductive. I don't practice it.


    Best Wishes.
  • Wrong again, MJG. "Over" indicates "Your turn to speak", and "Out" means "No more from this station". Perfectly acceptable to combine the two to say "Your turn, no more from here".

    Not a legitimate word, MJG.

    Mostly Just Gas.

  • If anyone is interesting in a Webinair (May 20th @ 2pm) on the topic of "A New Look at Social Security: Coordination with the Retirement Portfolio" register here,

    A New Look at Social Security: Coordination with the Retirement Portfolio
  • edited May 2015
    Old Joe, On CB we used to say: "Over and Out Good Buddy":)

    Other CB Slang:

  • @hank- not sure that would be appropriate in this instance.:)
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