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edited August 14 in Off-Topic

dont want to cause any issues but I think the Pundits/PRESS are 50% right at a time

when market goes up its Obama's market
when its down like today its Trump's market

the reality maybe we are way overdue for a massive pullback/recessions [> 10 yrs of upswings since 2008]


  • What a joke! I'm with Charles.
  • edited August 14
    @JohnN, I’d prefer we stay out of the political quagmire. Not what we’re about here.

    I care about my $$. If you’ve got some good ideas how to protect / preserve / grow it please share them.

    Thanks for your consideration.
  • @hank- good luck on that one. As you well know, over the many years there have been a number of posters who stoked up fights because they had deeply felt partisan positions on economic matters.

    Not seemingly the case here. More like hollering "fire" in the theater... let's just post nonsense and see if we can stir up some trouble.
  • Let us see whether Trump can prevent recession. Otherwise this is his last term.
  • I'm inclined to agree.
  • edited August 14
    Old_Joe said:

    @hank- good luck on that one. As you well know, over the many years there have been a number of posters who stoked up fights because they had deeply felt partisan positions on economic matters.

    Not seemingly the case here. More like hollering "fire" in the theater... let's just post nonsense and see if we can stir up some trouble.

    Thanks @ Old_Joe.

    That’s all it is - baiting people to lob a grenade against one side. Than someone comes back and lobs two against the other side. Dadotta-dodotta-dodotta. Fight’s on. Let Zuk’s Facebook engage in that crap. The creep deserves whatever he gets IMHO.

    I accept that President Trump has strident supporters who see only good in him and strident detractors who see only bad. That’s the nature of the world today. But we should be able to discuss economics, interest rates, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and various financial pundits without falling into the political ditch. Some mighty smart investors here. BTW - Speaking of financial pundits, I enjoyed your Paul Krugman excerpt this morning - even though I knocked it a bit. :) Thanks for posting it. You picked a very timely day I must say.

    Another highly respected poster has mentioned that there’s a necessary connection between economics and public policy (politics). I agree and think we’re mature enough to delve into such matters without going overtly political. But to try and assign blame on one party or the other for a bear market or recession? Not possible. Each side will blame the other every time. I know folks who revere FDR and others who still hate him and and blame him for the Depression and 50 other ills that afflict the nation.
  • Nonsense --- with this guy, his fully uninformed direct (sometimes executive) actions wreak havoc with markets, and worse than just havoc. He can and should own it as appropriate. Wack ill-advised trade conflict and wack fed lobbying and wack ignoring of advisers (hiring idiot advisers in the first place, and trying for worse) and wack opining, all of this destructive and ignorant crud affects things far beyond anything of previous prez, no matter what their orientation or philosophy or sense of the common good.

    No equivalence here for anything, come on.
  • edited August 15
    Hey David- re-read Hank's comment- he's not saying that one party or one set of executive actions isn't actually responsible for initiating or amplifying problems- he's simply saying that it's impossible to assign blame that all sides will agree on because "each side will blame the other every time" (regardless of actual, factual responsibility).

    In other words, forget reality and facts- in any given political or economic/political situation there will always be one side that refuses to acknowledge reality. Look no further than the "information" from Fox "News", or the commentary on the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal- those guys don't even bother to read the factual reporting from their own front pages.
  • edited August 15
    @Old_Joe. Yes - You said it better than I could.

    @Davidrmoran: You are entitled to your opinions. “Wack” and other emotionally laden terms indicate you harbor very strong feelings about this political figure. I’m suggesting that this kind of partisan bickering doesn’t belong here. That’s only my opinion. You are welcome to disagree of course.

    As OJ correctly surmises, there is a substantial body of posters here and all over the internet who take strong exception to your views on the current White House occupant and his policies. Many are equally well informed and motivated by the highest ideals and patriotism. Some may not be. But the doors here are “wide-open” to folks from any region, educational attainment or walk of life. Do you really want to spend the next year exchanging political barbs with anyone on the internet who walks in the door and invites a fight? What will it gain you? More importantly, how would that enhance the reputation of Mutual Fund Observer and increase its worth to those who come here primarily for investment news, views and advice?
  • I agree completely with davidmoran's assessment of the situation.
  • On March 1, 2018 a U.S. government spokesperson announced the intention to impose a 25% tariff on steel and a 10% tariff on aluminum imports. In an automated tweet the next day, #U.S. government asserted, "Trade wars are good, and easy to win." On March 8, an order to impose the tariffs effective after 15 days.

    #U.S. government has since asserted on numerous updates to policies and processes. Be assured that all established and pending trade discussions with whomever will be settled to the favor of the United States; (announcement, sub-section B-17) and that those private citizens who find themselves involved in saving for retirement or maintaining their private retirement accounts should find only positive aspects of said trade policies.

    Citizens may sign up for alerts and notifications as considered necessary.

    Is the above civil enough without pointing fingers or suggesting anyone's political direction?
    Yes, civil discussion is needed and necessary HERE.

    But, this does not preclude possible large disruptions to conditions that may affect one's investment; from government policy.

    Have a pleasant remainder,
  • @Hank,

    >> Many are equally ... motivated by the highest ideals and patriotism.

    not a chance of that, and I suspect that you know it, economically, which is all we are talking about now, and which directly bears on markets and hence on MFO
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