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10 Year Treasury Yield Dips Below 1%

edited March 3 in Off-Topic
The yield was at 0.985% when I snapped this shot. It was still trending down. Amazing.....Its fair to expect there will be more volatility at minimum over the short term.....

Treasury Yield 10 Years (^TNX)
NYBOT - NYBOT Real Time Price. Currency in USD

Quote Lookup

0.985-0.103 (-9.4669%)^TNX?p=^TNX


  • Thanks for the post.

    At about 2:06 pm, more or less; for a few nano seconds or whatever the speed is for the machines; the rate was at .908% yield.
  • edited March 3
    Yes. 0.00% no longer seems impossible to me! Its interesting to click on the link and then to click on Max. It takes you back as far as 4/1/1962 and clearly shows the history being made daily by these low rates.....Something unprecedented appears to be occurring.
  • edited March 3
    Well, since the creditworthiness of the government certainly hasn't improved lately one can only speculate that perhaps it's all due to unprecedented confidence in the personal credit rating of the president.
  • davfor said:

    Yes. 0.00% no longer seems impossible to me!

    As I type this, the yield has dropped to 0.438%. Perhaps we'll get to 0.00% very quickly indeed!
  • edited March 9
    ORK. I don't like this at all. And Lombardy (north Italy) is in lockdown, like Wuhan is/was. I saw a headline that said "Italy's stocks fail to trade." But there was no follow-up. Their bourse is in Milan, I understand. But then it was reported that Milan was way down, by almost -10%. Again, I say: ORK!
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