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Suspended Travel from Europe for 30 Days

edited March 11 in Off-Topic
It will be interesting to see how European and U.S. markets respond to this. I thought that suspension applied to cargo as well, but it turns out el gran jefe bungled his speech and it only applies to travel.


  • Not surprise at all in that he cannot read well without his glasses. He had the same problem when he cannot read the prom in SNL and he was never invited back again. Steve Martin, on the other hand, was simply incredible and was a frequent host in SNL.

    This policy will not work as the COVID-19 has already spreaded to many countries globally and US trade with them on a daily basis. Just like Dr. Fauci of NIH stated, "it will get worse".
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    No travel suspension re: Britain, just the continent, the EU. What about Ireland, then? Ireland is in the EU. But it's not on the continent. Northern Ireland is not in the EU any longer. (along with England, Scotland and Wales. And Gibraltar?) By the way, they just cancelled all official stuff related to St. Patrick's Day over there in Ireland. I take an interest, because I'm a citizen of that country. Of course, getting factual, precise ANYTHING from the Orange Abortion is simply too much to ask. I was not going to watch the tv speech, because I can't bear to look or listen to him anymore. But the topic was too important to ignore. A blessing that it lasted just 10 minutes.
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    A-ha! Just found this from NBC: "...Ireland and the U.K. are exempt, although it is not clear why, because the virus is also present in Britain..." I added the comma, for the sake of proper grammar---though no one who actually uses the English language in the field of journalism cares about THAT anymore. And I hasten to add that the tRumpster did not make this clear at all in his speech. Dolt!
  • A dollar short and a day late.

    Loved the way he put the blame on Europe.

  • Howdy folks,

    One analyst likened it to locking the after the killer is already in the house. Sure you keep out more killers, but golly how about the one that's already here among us?

  • Third and fourth on the list of countries impacted by the virus are Italy and Iran. I find the maps interesting from the standpoint of transmission. Any insight as to why these two countries have such high numbers?
  • Excuse me but what stops anyone from flying or traveling to the UK and then to the US?
  • edited March 12
    I guess it isn't a 'hoax' anymore, eh?

    Last night's remarks were a monotoned disaster and not reassuring in the slightest to anyone with half a brain. And he apparently ad-libbed some things that weren't correct: he's not banning CARGO (ie trade) from Europe, and reportedly the insurance companies never agreed to wave all co-payments for treatments.

    AAAAAND, he's announced the travel ban w/Europe absent any consultation or warning. Our (former) allies are apoplectic this morning.
  • Howdy,

    Another great tweet this am from Ian Bremmer - the Chinese are currently loading jumbo jets with supplies - PPE, ventilators, etc. and sending it to Italy. We're banning Italians and European like bloody lepers. They will remember this forever.

    How f*cking low can we go?

    and so it goes,



  • edited March 12
    The thing that's funny about it is what is to stop someone from the continent taking a bullet train to the UK and just hopping on a plane there? Also, because Stephen Miller was involved in crafting this speech it reeks of xenophobia. Why Britain? Why blame Europe at all? Why blame anyone? The president didn't cause the coronavirus, but he will be measured by how he responded to it--the same as every leader.
  • edited March 12
    think Trump got corona? seems he is not thinking clearly right now. probably half White House staff wiped out by next 14 - 28 days; he met lots folks from different countries recently. Incubation sometimes may occur > 2 wks. He may have undiagosed viral-mennigitis now
  • "Right now"???
  • In case you were wondering this just in from Business Insider. No surprise here. Link below.

    Trump's coronavirus travel ban excludes the countries where he has golf courses struggling for business
  • [email protected]; One for my golf buddies !!
  • Next he'll be outlawing staying at any DC hotel except his. What a total slime.
  • edited March 12
    I’m in a state of shock. Just back from a week in the Carolinas and the world looked mudlucious wonderful. Hotels were packed. Airlines and shuttle busses operating as normal. People on beaches. The 80-seat plane back home was only half-full - perhaps an omen.

    I’ve watched couple hours news daily. Seattle had / has it bad. Senior med facilities have long been suspected of near dereliction of duty. Most states are affected. Higher mortality rate than the flu - plus no vaccine. I get it - I think. And Trump was an idiot to downplay it as “just a few cases” which we’re “gonna get rid of” early on. (Like he could order a CIA “hit”).

    The media in its hype plays up the large number of “virus exposures” - but rarely mentions that most cases are not severe. We have some advantages which may have been discounted. Certainly, closing theaters and sports venues is a (proactive) positive measure. Kill the economy rather than the patient. We’ve had China’s, Italy’s, and others’ experiences to learn from ahead of time. China, first hit, seemed to recover in a short time. There’s at least a chance warmer weather will help. And our medical people and institutions are first class (albeit not equitably allocated).

    Man ... tuning-in the news tonight is a real downer. Lines at supermarkets? Yikes.

    FWIW / Not trying to start an argument. Respect all the views expressed. Just a somewhat different perspective.

  • @hank
    Yeah, we have disadvantages too as Bernie points out, namely that without health insurance or poor insurance many Americans will not have a doctor examine them if they feel sick because they can't afford to, leading to more undetected cases of coronavirus:

  • +1, Lewis Braham.
  • edited March 12

    “Hey, I'm sorry. I'm making a pest of myself. I am! I know, it's because I keep asking these questions. But, I'll tell ya, I can't help myself. It's a habit.”
  • edited March 12
    Loved that guy!

    And his dog. And his car...
  • and his wife
  • +1, Old Joe.
  • Goodness!!
  • Old_Joe said:


    Ya, i was a bit surprised, too. Whoa.
  • sorry, sorry, was thinking of RBlake
  • .....It occurs to me now that in the speech, the Great Orange Abortion mentioned Great Britain, and not Ireland, because he did not know that Ireland is NOT included as part of the U.K. Just a thought. But how much ya wanna bet? (As he said to Modi : it's not like you have China on your border or anything like that...)
  • msf
    edited March 13
    If we're going to go all technical on a poorly written speech (cargo included), let's get it right. The speech mentioned the United Kingdom in the 7th paragraph, not Great Britain.

    The UK and Great Britain are not one and the same. UK is short for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    Still, neither includes Ireland (the Republic, not the island).
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