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Bounced emails, In case someone is or may have future problems contacting you

I have not used this site for many years; but would think this is still accurate. If anyone knows a better site; please let us know.
Bounced email is a rare event these days.

My best guess is too much data. Schools closed, with students online from home. Families/adults at home midday and streaming to the max with Netflix, Hulu, Disney or whichever; text/email traffic for those checking on one another, etc.

I've received 6 bounced email notifies, from mail sent early Monday morning........for our location, and

Internet Traffic Report


  • fwiw, I couldn't place local cell phone calls for a while this morning. I was trying to reach my bank with an entirely innocuous question and three times got a busy signal and "all lines are busy" announcement, followed by a hangup. I sounded more like Verizon's lines than the bank's since the bank's message would have identified the institution.
  • A couple of bounced emails here, in the past few days. I thought it was very weird indeed.
  • Nothing bouncing here, unfortunately not even a basketball , baseball ,or golf ball !!!

  • Day n of no sports. Met woman reading on couch. Apparently my wife. She seems nice.
  • Day n of no sports. Met woman reading on couch. Apparently my wife. She seems nice.

    Made me laugh.
  • @davidmoran- I just related your post to my wife. She loved it.
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