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What are you buying - if anything?

edited April 2022 in Other Investing
I’ve never seen a year like this …..

- HSGFX, a perennial looser, is up over 6%.

- DODIX, a solid short-intermediate term bond fund is down over 5%.

- Commodities & energy sizzle. But home builders are in the toilet.

- Gold’s in a stealth rally with metal & miners up about 20% over year ago. But nobody’s talking about it.

- Cash is still trash. But less so.

- DODBX led the pack early as value raced ahead, but is now flat YTD.

- The Fed takes center stage - but mostly with a lot of roar and little action. This week, the minutes of their last meeting are released. Likely to move markets.

- Than there’s inflation in the 5-8% year-over-year range. But few observers I follow expect it to remain that high. Lord help us if it does.

I’m at a loss for ideas. A good time to do nothing I guess.



  • Pretty much everything is automated for me. Palm Valley Capital and Riverpark Short-Term are both up. Seafarer and FPA Crescent are is near the top of their respective heaps. The others... meh. A bit above average or a bit below average. Nothing tragic, nothing triumphant. So, I just stick with the plan.
  • Art
    edited April 2022
    Portfolio up 2.6% for the year. Energy stocks along with GD, RGR, CHKP,RYU, REMIX, RPHYX,TPHD are the reason along with 20% cash. More in the red than the black though as far as number of stocks/MF's go. May add to REMIX otherwise on hold pattern.
  • I'm going start a small position in ITB at Fido in my Traditional IRA account, and buy a few more shares of ILF, and possibly IVV and QQQ My IRA's are mostly in cash.
  • edited April 2022
    @carew388, also check out XHB that is homebuilders + home-improvement (JCI, TT, AOS, HD, LOW, etc). ITB is homebuilders only.
  • Ok, thanks for the tip !
  • edited April 2022
    Adding a bit along to PQTAX when it takes its fairly frequent dips, like now, up 9% ytd. Had some South Africa (EZA) but sold too early; may buy it back if/when it dips. Been considering a new position in REMIX. Bought a little TLT recently, up a smidgen since; no great conviction there.
  • Howdy folks,

    Friday I bought a bit of TELL and some Sprott physical uranium.


  • edited April 2022
    @rono, be aware of PFIC issues related to foreign funds holding physical assets. SRUUF/ is a Canadian CEF holding uranium. These issues arise because the US funds are restricted in how they own physical assets. As the rules are different for foreign funds, the US has these PFIC regulations. Click on "Tax Forms for the US Investors" in the link below.
  • It is a difficult year, especially and the "bond ballast" has sunk.

    My wife and my retirement accounts are up about 2.4% as we are overwieght energy and commodities, but still only 30% in equity positions. Recent Value focus helps too

    Non-retirement accounts are up about 1.5%, a little more equities because I am cautious selling winners as the capital gains push our IRRMA up for Medicare, and are taxed at 12% in Massachusetts

    I think the risk to the downside is far higher than risk of missing new bull market.

  • edited April 2022
    Many thanks folks. I’m learning about funds I didn’t know existed. Since many offered their YTD return, I’ll venture outside my comfort level and say that at Friday’s close I was down 1.05% YTD. With me, everything revolves around the benchmark. Mine is an equal weighting of: PRSIX, AOK, ABRZX. Combined they are down 3.22% YTD. Obviously, heavy bond exposure hurt them. I believe my benchmark to be appropriate for someone in their mid to late 70s.

    Warren Buffet did me a favor agreeing to buy Y less than a month after I did (+25%). Modest exposure to gold & industrial metals has been a plus. But I’ve damaged my return by clinging to TAIL. It’s designed to protect against sharp equity selloffs. Had I realized the extent to which it reacts to VIX readings (the “fear gage”) I could have probably done a better job trading it. Added a bit this morning. Just over 6% of portfolio.

    The only area I play around with is the 10% devoted to hedging equity risk. The two other funds in that group (DRSK & GLDB) have held up much better. I’m quite bearish on equity markets in general. That’s for another thread.
  • Howdy folks,

    @yogibearbull Yeppers, you are absolutely correct. Not only can there be issues with different rules for different countries, but bullion ETF are taxable as collectibles at 28%. This means you always keep these in either a deferred or tax exempt account.

    I've owned CEF for years with no problems.


  • edited April 2022
    Bought a little NANR, SPDR S&P North American Natural Resources ETF, today. I'm still on the Natural Resource/Commodities bandwagon.
  • I've been afraid I'm too late to the oil/gas thing. Then I'm seeing uncle Joe release the spigot. Oil price down. Not sure about NG. Watching this thread closely. As for portfolio performance, -3.64% ytd. Down to 41% bonds by now. That number is for combined tax deferred and taxable holdings.
  • edited April 2022
    Recently added money to FSMEX, FYLD, PEY, IHDG, CSB, SCHD in my taxable account after some tax-loss harvesting from two large stakes in muni funds. I still have lots of dry powder.

    I also plan on making some purchases in my IRA in the near future. Particularly funds that have been punished severely. I still have dry powder from selling most of my bond funds back in February 2020.

    I typically rebalance, and rearrange the deck chairs, in the early part of the year. But this year I have been working on a large reconfiguration of our vegetable garden.
  • Just bought RPIEX. A bond fund that's up this year intrigues me, though not the best performer over longer terms. Looking over the fund's history the manager seems quite nimble in making changes for the better and avoiding nasty drawdowns. Guess we'll see.
  • Have been building defensive positions on utility, consumer staples, value stocks, and commodity futures after selling most of bonds early this year. Still have cash to deploy. Most unusual year for sure.
  • Lots of 30, 90 day TBills, some additional BLNDX, PVCMX


    Baseball Fan
  • Did I happen to mention that I bought PRISX TRP Financial Srvs. at just the right time, on St. Patrick's Day? Kiss of death. I'm down with it by -2.15% already. ;)
  • edited April 2022
    Just went back into DKNG at $17.50. / Waiting for a Buffett to come along.:)
  • Markets are in motion. That’s for sure.
  • edited April 2022
    Buying nothing until stocks come down again. I view Bonds as dead. Cash is king, in my view, while the Fed finally tightens (and unwinds).
  • Too much "reds-ville" again, on the full global equity scene......12:05 AM, EST.

    Ah, just a passing thing, yes? All will be well by the time I awake !
  • The result depends on the dream , good or bad. Let's hope it was a pleasant nights dream !
  • If it counts, I bought some more cash the other day by selling 2 foreign stocks in one of my portfolios for tax purposes.
  • Itching to buy something ...

    Blood starting to trickle in the streets ...

    Thinking ...

  • @hank
    You're having too much fun at Fidelity, yes?:)
    Well, that's okay. You're deserving of such pleasure.
  • hank said:

    Itching to buy something ...

    Blood starting to trickle in the streets ...

    Thinking ...

    There are too many catalysts in the near-term to go whole-hog on the long side, but DCA'ing into positions during volatility drops over the near-term should pay off well longer-term. That's what I'm doing as I continue to look at my buy lists. But I don't see blood in the streets yet - nowhere even close!

  • edited April 2022
    rforno said:

    hank said:

    Itching to buy something ...

    Blood starting to trickle in the streets ...

    Thinking ...

    There are too many catalysts in the near-term to go whole-hog on the long side, but DCA'ing into positions during volatility drops over the near-term should pay off well longer-term. That's what I'm doing as I continue to look at my buy lists. But I don't see blood in the streets yet - nowhere even close!

    What’s the best way to start a rumor that Warren Buffet is “considering” investing in / buying something you own?:)

    PS - Can you go to jail for that?

    On the serious side, added a smidgin to FLJP today which has been a good fund in the past but down more than 10% YTD. Not being currency hedged is killing it. Longer term it’s hard to get excited about cash. I’ve seen the Fed reverse course too many times to put much faith in what they say. It will be interesting to see what the Open Mouth Committee has to say after the “minutes” have been digested by markets.

  • FOMC. funny. Saw that reference before, here.
    I'm cash-poor again, just waiting and watching. When my change of address is finally accomplished, I'll know how much I have to play with in the Market. Looking ahead, I'm thinking I may wait for the ostensibly big dividend in ENIC (June) and then switch-over completely into EBR, Brasilian electric utility, with apparently much better prospects... AND a good dividend, too. Otherwise, let BHB keep falling and I'll be tempted to purchase more of it.

    *GAWD, I'll be glad to be away from THE busiest street in Honolulu. I can't even hear myself THINK. Today, the wind is blowing like a hammer and the temp. is 82. (11:40 a.m.)
  • I'm going to put an order in tomorrow for ARB, but the etf may be too illiquid for Fidelity's taste !
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