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  • "A federal judge in New York formally dismissed the last remaining indictment against Huawei's chief financial officer after prosecutors agreed Meng had abided by the terms of her deferred prosecution agreement."

    Apparently arrested, arguably under sketchy circumstances, under the past administration. Struck a deal with prosecutors. Held up her end of the deal and the government, under a new administration, held up its end? I mention that "both Trump and Biden era" part because much of the online chatter implies that the judge was a political tool doing the bidding of one or another of those administrations, which doesn't immediately seem to be the case.

    For what that's worth, David
  • Canada would be relieved! As a party caught in the middle, it got flak from both sides.
  • edited December 2022
    Yes, I always thought that we didn't do Canada any favor by dragging them into the middle of our contest with China and Huawei. If I remember correctly, China immediately retaliated by arresting two Canadian citizens on "Trumped up charges" (such a fitting term!). Seems to me that we really owe them one on this deal.
  • edited December 2022
    ... but still hwawei and zte are banned... by biden. so, the whole business was an inside-out, back-door unintentional transgression?
    Why didn't the canadians just tell the trumpster to go blow dogs for dimes?
  • edited December 2022
    Do you really think that it's a great idea to have companies with known ties to the Chinese government allowed to be major transporters of United States or Canadian communications?

    Trump wasn't wrong about everything.
  • No, he wasn't wrong that time. I'm just thinking that the Hosers up North might have said: "Fine, you want her? Arrest her. We are not your lackeys." And they could extradite her to the USA. Instead, she was hung-up for several years, between Canadian and U.S. courts and deals and decisions.
  • As I recall, the Canadians were willing to help with the situation, but did not want to deport her for their own political reasons. Her "house arrest" detention was a compromise.
  • ahhh. And she did plea-out. Admitted wrongdoing. So, her term is up and she's free. But still was guilty, eh? US prosecutors are satisfied...... I'm just reading about the Trumpster being overheard on his private phone by the chinese and russians, repeatedly, after many warnings from staff. What an unspeakable Waste of Space. Get him into an orange jumpsuit. Idiot.
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