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Td acquired by schwab


  • Schwab + TD Ameritrade deal closed in 2020. But integration of large brokerages is complex and Schwab plans to complete most of the transition for retail by early-2023 and for advisors by late-2023.
  • I moved 99% of my account out in October '20 after the deal closed, b/c I wanted my TDA FA to 'get credit' for my account as he'd been really good to me over the years. I also didn't want to deal with the drama/chaos of brokerage intergrations -- I've been through enough of them already.

    Since then, I've kept it active with a tiny stock position and $1000 cash just so I have access to prior statements and moreso, to keep my access to ThinkDesktop, which is fan-frakking-tastic compared to Schwab's dinky browser-based 'active' trader platform.

    When they tell me it's 'my turn' to be migrated, I'll transfer the rest over to Schwab and close the account, b/c I only need 1 Schwab account.
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