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MFO server migration: after 10:00 tonight, Saturday, 24 February

Hi, guys.

We may be briefly offline at some point after 10:00 tonight.

Our host has (a) set up a new server for us and (b) copied our entire site. The plan is for them to move the copy from our current server to the new one. That should, they say, be nearly seamless with only a brief downtime, if any.

Just fyi, the next step is to have our programmer (Eric, if you're interested) upgrade all of the software on the new (offline) server. Then fix the carnage caused by the new software. Once that's done, another blink and the healthier MFO will be live and online. It might take a month to get us there.



  • Software "upgrade" = Carnage. Now you're talking reality.
  • The geeks always have their job security.
  • As an ex-geek I'd have to agree.:)
  • Old_Joe said:

    As an ex-geek I'd have to agree.:)

  • edited February 25
    All seems fine around 6am Central, 2/25/24.
  • All normal with site for us, Sunday 11:30 am.
  • Here we all are. 2 p.m. in Hawaii, Monday, 26 Feb. '24.
  • Don't touch ANYTHING !!!
  • Or breathe too loudly!
  • So how are things going with the new server setup?
  • I read that aloud to Chip. Her response was to moan and declare "not well. We have a version mismatch between our database and the site software that I've got to get figured out."

    Our host has successfully migrated a copy of the site to a new server. Chip has been working to upgrade the software piece by piece, after which we can ask Eric the programmer to go in and figure out why whatever is not working is not working.
  • @David_Snowball - Tell Chip that I'm so very happy that my technical career dealt with the physical and electronic component side of things (the lowest level of the seven-layer "OSI" model), and not the upper levels on the software side.

    Sometimes being at the bottom isn't such a bad deal.
  • I do not envy Chip. So simple, they SAY: all 1s and Os.
  • We ain't all alone -

    McDonald’s hit by ‘technology outage’ in UK, Ireland, Australia, Japan and China

    McDonald’s restaurants in multiple countries have been hit by a “technology outage”, with restaurant, drive-through and online orders hit.

    For a 90-minute period on Friday they “couldn’t serve anyone”. In Hong Kong, the McDonald’s Facebook page said self-ordering kiosks and mobile phone orders were “not functioning” and asked customers to order at the restaurant counter. A customer in Australia said it was “impossible to buy anything” via drive-through or online.

    The company’s global chief information officer, Brian Rice, said the problem was due to an unspecified change to IT systems run by an outside contractor for McDonalds, blaming a “third-party provider during a configuration change”.

    (The above are edited excerpts from a current report in The Guardian.)
  • 3rd party contractor must be the new form of "the computer made me do it" from the 90s.
  • edited April 17
    @David_Snowball- We haven't heard much lately about the new server upgrade... how's that coming?
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