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Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more ... a third try at moving servers

Hi, guys.

Colohouse, our web host, substantially underestimated the size of MFO when they configured the new server onto which we were being copied. Part way through the transfer, they got a "holy mackeroley" alarm from the software, notifying them that they had run out of room (ummm ... we've had lots to say over the years? And Ted!) and the transfer was being terminated.

Their next try at making a duplicate of the site will occur after 10:00 CST tonight. And disruption should be, they swear, minimal.

Just thought you'd like to know!


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    I'll bet they're swearing, all right. How on earth do you "underestimate" the size of a software collection? That info is surely available down to the nearest gigabyte, someplace. "Underestimate" = "Oh hell... I guess, maybe..."

    Not a great beginning for Colohouse.
  • There are others here, too; but @Old_Joe and I are both fully aware of the 'magic' of working with technology from our prior work.:)
    David, Thank you.
  • I'm not a geek and never have been (but I do know a few things) but how can you not know (or not check) the size of something you're going to transfer?

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    U'mmmm... I'll have to get back to you on that...
  • edited February 25
    Follow your spirit, and upon this charge...
    Cry 'God for MFO and Snowball !'
  • Lookin' good now.:)
  • A site down message at 7am, but all is good at 8:30 am, EST
  • edited February 26
    "Cry havoc! And let loose the dogs of MFO...."

    Looks good from DC @ 0900 this Monday.
  • I got "Account Suspended" early this morning. I eventually found a way around this nonsense by entering spaces between Mutual and Fund and Observer in the address bar.
  • Welcome back!

    As far as we can tell, the MySQL software we use (v 5.5) is so old that it crashes things every time it's touched. And, for reasons yet unexplained, our web host did not learn from Crash #1 or near-Crash #2 (hi, Crash!) and so didn't look to see if the site was back and live after last night's adventure.

    Thanks to all who reached out, and to the many good folks who waited more-or-less patiently for us.

    With luck, nothing happens now until after Eric updates all of the software on the offline version of the site and we hit the switch to redirect incoming traffic from the server with the old version of the site to the server with the new.

    And really, what could possibly go wrong?
  • I wonder if the free/top area of MFO Premium can be used temporarily to post MFO Up/Down message? As I understand, it's on a different server that isn't affected by the MFO site update.

    One problem now that I have already mentioned is that the "Account Suspended..." message page NEVER refreshes to become live. It's a dead-end page, and MFO status has to be checked via direct links to MFO to find if it's back,
  • Quoting "And really, what could possibly go wrong?"

    Here, hold my beer
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