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BUY.....SELL......PONDER January 2020

Taking the initiative to start a new B/S/P thread.

Bought starter set of 500sh TEAF (a Tortoise CEF) specializing in what I see as interesting alternative income investments.


  • I added money to my gold play a few days ago. I was waiting for another trend up after gold stagnated for the last 3 or 4 months. I expect IAU to do well again this year in a very volatile equity market. Last couple weeks it looks like maybe a new trend is emerging. Of course with any play I make my fingers are crossed.
  • Maybe the biotech rally has more legs, but I decided to raise some cash by exiting profitable short-term positions in FBT and BMRN.
  • My task this year will be to start, in baby steps, to take T-IRA money and convert it into taxable accounts. I know I'm doing this prematurely, before RMDs must be taken, in 5 years' time. But when the time comes, my required RMDs will be not so big. A back-handed blessing. I'm tracking several funds that y'all suggested to me. Thanks.
  • I had been thinking about selling some of my real estate holdings the last 6 weeks because of the nice run they had last year. Did so at the open and bought some Broadcom, a new position for me. The Barrons article I linked this morning pushed me over the edge. We'll see.
  • @Crash
    Not quite sure what you mean by convert T-IRA money into taxable accounts. I will presume you mean an investment account that is non-sheltered.
    Well, it you need the money, you need the money.
    If I need extra cash for whatever reason from the IRA, I move electronically as needed to our C.U. acct. Two day transaction time.
    NOTE: From provisions of the new SECURE ACT legislation, your new IRA RMD age is now 72.
  • @catch22 Hey, thanks for the update.:)
  • edited January 2020
    To maintain my portfolio's asset allocation of 20% cash, 40% income and 40% equity I am now having to buy in the income area since equities have had such a strong run of late. I just added to JGIAX which is a member of my income sleeve. Other funds held in this sleeve are BLADX, FLAAX, GIFAX, LBNDX, NEFZX, PGBAX, PONAX & TSIAX. JGIAX was the first buy step in this rebalance process. Other planned buy steps will follow in BLADX and FLAAX as we move through the first quarter. In addition, I have some more planned buying to take place within my hybrid income sleeve in the following funds. They are as follows: APIUX, AZNAX & FRINX.
  • Crash - I’m not following you either. Why remove money from IRA accounts and pay taxes on it prematurely, if it’s not needed for five years? Couldn’t you just move the money to safer funds within your IRA? Or, alternatively, convert it to a safer fund in a Roth IRA?
  • @Crash - I agree with @catch22 and @Tarwheel. If at all possible convert your T-IRA to a Roth IRA. You'll still pay taxes on the money you convert but at least the remainder can continue to grow in your Roth tax free. If you put the money into a taxable account you'll be paying taxes on the income and so forth until the day you use it all up.
  • edited January 2020
    Hi, guys. We needed a small chunk just for the down-payment on a car, after just getting here. The best available option was to take the $$$ from my best performer: PRWCX, which I've owned since 2013. Along with just a few other TRP funds, it's in my T-IRA. My wife has money in a 403b, but taking the needed cash from her 403b account would mean paying an early-withdrawal-penalty, too. Our income will surely not create much, if any, tax due. I'm not worried about that. I won't be working. (And it makes me SO happy to say that!) And she'll work just part-time.

    Your logic in recommending the Roth to us is flawless. But we simply don't have much money invested anywhere that's NOT in a tax-sheltered account. We plan to do a direct rollover into an IRA for HER, with that 403b from her former job. After taking the $4,000 from my T-IRA for the car already in 2020, I don't want to add almost $10,000 more in income (her 403b) from there, too. Add to all of this, the fact that my reaction to all of the tricky, obtuse, crazy, arcane, absurd IRS tax rules leaves me just not wanting to jump through all those bullshit hoops. We already have enough current income to get by just fine...... THANK you all for the guidance and concern.:)
    *This is unrelated, I suppose: My bond funds are now generating about $300 per month, and that may turn out to be very useful. Those funds are PRSNX, RPSIX (in T-IRA) and PTIAX in a regular, taxable, joint investment account. It's always been my Ace-in-the-hole to use those monthly dividends IF the money turns out to be needed, after all. That way, I can take advantage of the pay-outs without shrinking the size of my pie.
  • Moved money from PRNEX to new fund TCELX- China Revolution fund at TRP
  • jafink63 said:

    Moved money from PRNEX to new fund TCELX- China Revolution fund at TRP

    China Evolution Fund - a subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) difference!

    10% up in 3 weeks is pretty impressive so far.

  • PRNEX up +116% in 2019. Holy gazoochkees, Batman!
  • Crash said:

    PRNEX up +116% in 2019. Holy gazoochkees, Batman!

    Darn! I've been positively cheated and swindled with a measly 45% increase from JAGTX!

  • Crash, about PRENX, I see that it was +16.88% for 2019. Where or how did you come up with +116%?
  • PRNEX has never recovered since it went downhill. So instead of trading it all out, I moved a percentage of shares to TCELX. I didn’t have China in my portfolio, so it’s like buying a first year car. Give it a shot and see what happens.
  • @jafink63, the category natural resources and energy is what went down hill, not the fund itself. I haven't owned it in over 10 years, but PRNEX is a good fund if you want to be in that space.
  • edited January 2020
    Mark said:

    Crash, about PRENX, I see that it was +16.88% for 2019. Where or how did you come up with +116%?

    I must have misread that stat, wherever I saw it.:) Need glasses?

  • I believe Crash missed seeing the decimal point as the close was up 1.16 % FWIW
  • Hi guys,
    Opened new positions in BHBFX and TGJNX. Added to PGTAX and YAFFXand AEDVX. This was early January.....have done nothing lately. I'm still bullish and think we go higher.
    God bless
    the Pudd
  • Added to MOAT in taxable and Roth accounts, and moved a slice from PTIAX to IOFAX.
  • edited January 2020
    Since equities have had the strong run that they have during the 4th quarter and thus far this year I've been having to buy in the income area of my portfolio to maintain my asset allocation of 20% cash, 40% income and 40% equity. With this, I've recently added to BLADX, FLAAX and JGIAX.

    My three best performing funds year to date are found in the growth area of my portfolio. They are SPECX +6.24% ... AOFAX +5.54% ... and, KAUAX +4.52%. In comparison, I have the S&P 500 Index up 3.06%.
  • Hi Skeeter!
    Yeah, I see your point, but.....(whenever you see a but, it's usually some bonehead trying to prove a point) Just remember we're in QE. I think the market is ok.....last famous words. I think earnings will be ok----meaning the economy will pick up this spring. As the Dukester says, "the Blonde One will get 4 more." And we go higher.....I see the sun shining....just me, just saying. Party on!
    God bless
    the Pudd
  • Bought some BTI yesterday in taxable.
  • Howdy folks,

    I see everyone has been busy . . . as have I. Trimmed my sails a bit in the junior silver miners. However have been moving into Asia and Latin America mostly equity but some into PRSNX. At Price so PRLAX but also TRAOX. For all this insanity, the kid had to pay a visit to the House of Matthews [been on cruise control it's been a while since I went playing in these waters] with MPACX, MATFX and MCHFX. Otherwise, still adding to NCV in various accts.

    and so it goes,


  • edited January 2020
    Hi @Puddnhead,

    Thanks for the shout out. I'm with the Dukester on both counts. The Blond One gets a pass and we move higher through price expansion ... but, not so much on earnings. I've got forward estimates about 176 to 177 for the S&P 500 Index as I write. That puts the Forward Price/Earnings Ratio just short of 19. I've got TTM Earnings at 141. That puts the TTM Price/Earings Ratio at 23.6. Blend the two together and that produces a Blended Price/Earnings Ratio of 21.3%. My thinking is that from a blended perspective 20 is plenty. At least that is the way I govern. And, furthermore, Old_Skeet's stock market barometer closed the week with a reading of 127 indicating that stocks as measured by the metrics of the barometer, for the S&P 500 Index, are extremely overbought.

    So, what is fair value for the Index? By Old_Skeet's price to earnings mythology 3180 (now about 5% overvalued). With most of the feeds within the barometer at (or towards) their ceiling that computes to extremely overbought. For me, I'm liking my global growth sleeve as it offers better oportunity with a Forward P/E multiple of 20.8 as comparied to my large mid cap sleeve which has a Forward P/E multiple of 24.2. Both of these sleeves are found in the growth area of my portfolio.

    For me, though, better value is found in the growth & income area of my portfolio with my domestic equity sleeve having a Forward P/E Ratio of 14.3 while my global equity sleeve is a little higher at 16.5.

    With this, stocks in general are expensive ... and, I'm looking for my value plays, found in the growth & income area, to do more of the heavy lifting as we move through the year.

    And ... also remember, most times ... as we move through the year forward estimates usually get trimmed downward.

    So what am I to do? With equities having the strong run that they have had of late I've been buying fixed income for more than one reason. The first one is to keep my asset allocation balanced and from becoming equity heavy. And, the second one is because as stocks pullback (during a downdraft) fixed income usually increases in value as some investors sell stocks and move into bonds pushing bond prices higher and their yields lower.

    So ... instead of just pondering ... you've now read what Old_Skeet has been doing and why due to elevated stock prices. Thus far, I have not recently been a seller of equities; but, I have been a buyer of fixed income to maintain my asset allocation.

    Have a good one ... and, I wish all "Good Investing."

  • edited January 2020
    Thx for commentary

    Added to preferred stock Allypra, vti, and opened positions in Telsla few days ago
    Cut positions in several bonds - Att and tmobile
    bonds also matured / short called at vanguard acct, all these positions were transferred to an primecapcore, vti, lifecycle2040, and vgstx

    Don't have magic wands but think we maybe heading higher at end of year depending what happens in Washington impeachment/2020 election, and truce in china trade wars
  • Bought VIAC, streaming and all like that. Opened a position in the battered energy & materials sectors via BCX. Fence sitting on BBBY, maybe the housing market and a new CEO will help out.
  • edited January 2020
    Sold some KIO and investing in VWIAX - Wellesley) continuing to build - my bond exposure is via Wellesley & CEFs.
  • Took some profit from PRIDX and PRDSX and combined them, then re-deployed the $$$ into PRSNX. Building my bonds for income.
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