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Anyone using some of their dry powder ?



  • Thanks @yogibearbull. I should have looked closer. With the top 10 holdings nearly identical (except for #10) and comprising roughly 50% of each ETF I didn't expect the rest of the holdings to exhibit that much sway.

    FTEC follows even a different index (MSCI USA IMI/INFOR TECH 25-50 NR) maybe the 3 are hardly comparable. Or is this the game of "If You Can't Compete Against Your Index" make up one of your own.
  • Mark,
    FTEC holds (as of 3/31/2022) over 40% in its top 2 largest holdings - AAPL and MSFT.
    ONEQ holds 22% it its top 2 holdings (also AAPL and MSFT).

    But yes, FTEC has outperformed ONEQ. Choose your poison, I guess.

    I've also started throwing money into EDOW as well (even though ER is higher at .50%). It equal- weights the Dow 30 stocks. It fit my low PPS requirement, as it trades just below $30 per share. Its my 3rd largest "index" type ETF, complementing both SPLG and ONEQ.

    Well, that's the plan for now. Market volatility is my friend.
  • I have no interest in the market right now--just too much going on for my taste, so I am in Schwab Money Markets. I will watch for some momentum breakouts to the upside, but for now, I will watch from the sidelines and plan my summer vacation travels.
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    We can never predict the bottom

    Managers say only things we can do are have diversified portfolio, stay the course, pick good strong stocks/has great fundamentals, consider adding more....or wait for few months. Have opportunities to add more once market settles-upswings

    Looking at

    May add more in 6 8 weeks
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    Overnight pop in the futures - currently up by a half percent or so. Agree they can’t be relied on. However, ISTM that limit orders placed over the weekend & intended to grab off something on the cheap at Monday’s open may not work. My (possibly errant) understanding is that stocks may not open at Friday’s close and, instead, will reflect the effect of off-hours trading in their opening price.

    EDIT Stock futures remained strong overnight, but weakened around daybreak (East coast). May well open in the red. And gold …. continuing to fall. Well below $1800 this morning.
  • Howdy folks,

    concur with @spa3 about the overall perspective.

    That said, I added a few shares of Tesla to my meager holdings. Otherwise, just looking around and window shopping, as it were.

    BTW, Sell in May is a bit late this year.

    and so it goes,



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