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What would you do?



  • edited January 2018
    hank said:

    (June, 2017)
    Here’s what I just did with 10K that we won't need until late November. --- Put 100% into Price's Short-Intermediate tax free PRFSX. Keeping with your sports analogies, that's a bunt, offering the chance of (1) possibly moving a runner along, (2) perhaps getting on base somehow (3) but, most importantly, avoiding an inning-ending double play.

    (January 2018)
    Here’s what happened:
    The project for which the fund’s were earmarked was delayed, providing a few extra weeks for the money to be invested. Still, I managed to turn $10,000 into $9,964.90 over the ensuing 6.5 months. Here’s how: (1) Invested $10,000 on 6/14/17 into PRFSX, (2) Added an additional $5,000 on 11/27/17, (3) Withdrew all sums ($14,964.90) on 1/2/18. (Dividends were reinvested until time of withdrawal.)

  • IMHO, within T Rowe Price, TRBUX is the top choice for a lower risk cash-like mutual fund, and outperforms its Fidelity and Vanguard peers.
  • So @Puddnhead , I see this post was resurrected and after skimming through it again, now I'm curious, what did you end up doing?
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