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Latest: 16 Jan, '23: NFCU 15-month CD. Different terms

edited January 16 in Other Investing
16 January, 2023:
New offer: 15 month certificate, 5% YIELD, (not rate.)
I see nothing about direct deposit being required. You would need to qualify for membership.
Minimum $50, maximum is bumped up to $250,000.00.
Subject to the maximum, you can add to it as you go along.

"Easy Start." RATE (not yield) = 4.75%.

On $3k, that's a profit of approx. $142.50.

My bonds are paying me more than that every MONTH. Of course, I'm investing way more than $3k in those. But the Certificate is insured. It may appeal to some folks. Highest rate I've seen out of Navy since i opened my account there.


  • So, what are you gonna do?
  • Just letting people know. The maximum dollar-ceiling kills it for me.
  • You forgot the best part - one doesn't have to invest all $3K at once. One can add to the certificate so long as the total amount doesn't exceed $3K.

    Worst part (aside from having to qualify as an NFCU member)? One must set up direct deposit of one's paycheck.
  • "One must set up direct deposit of one's paycheck. "

    Now there's the joker in the deck!
  • true. msf and oj
  • I check DepositAccounts website routinely to see if any my credit unions are running any good short-term certificate deals:

    NFCU seems to have some decent deals. Current deal from NFCU on DepositAccounts:

    15-month Certificate Special, 5.00% APY, $50 min/$250k max deposit, limit one per member, additional deposits at any time, available through April 30, 2023.

  • Ken Tumin of DepositAccounts posts on Twitter and his feed there has many high-rate alerts.
  • Thank you @yogibearbull with the Twitter feed
    Lots of various goodies.
  • edited January 10
    @TheShadow Yea, I almost put a chunk of money into one of those NFCU 5%s today. Went as far as to login and start the transfer. I bailed remembering previous high percent teasers followed by lower than PenFed type rates when the short period was over. Maybe tomorrow with half the money I was ready to send today. Really wish, after more than 70 years, I could break that procrastinator personality.
  • I was just at the local branch today. Not a word about it. Saw no notices, nothing. Jan. 9, '23, which is the opening day of the 13-month, 5% deal.
  • Deals for brokered CDs are different from those at branches.

    Brokered CD raise quick money nationally but are more expensive for the banks/CUs to offer. Local/branch deals are for captive/dedicated customers and often not as good.
  • @Anna,

    5% for 15 months with beginning deposit of only $50 with additional deposits is not bad.
    Just got a family member into it yesterday. Just want to make sure you stay on top of the maturity date so it doesn't rollover into something with a much lower rate when it matures.

    I have PenFed also, but I check to see the current deals. I tend to use military related credit unions or Texas based credit unions. Rates were a little better than than what the credit unions pay in my area.
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