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What Are You ... Buying ... Selling ... and/or Pondering? (Summer 2017)



  • @johnN - I think you mean Cim.b. What's the attraction when it's selling over par?
  • @johnN &Mark I believe he meant CIM ?
  • Bought some Cracker Barrel but may go get me a Subway later.
  • Cim preferred unit b called in 2023 I believe
  • edited August 2017

    This will be Old_Skeet's last post as your host of "What Are You Buying Selling or Pondering?" About two years ago when scott left the board I picked the thread up to keep it going. I'm thinking a new host will perhaps bring some new and exciting perspectives. I have no plans to leave the board and will continue to post; but, feel a change would be good for the thread. If anybody would like to take it over and keep it going ... Please step forward.

    This past week the barometer's reading fell from 155 to 153 and remains in fair value territory. Generally, a rising barometer reading indicates there is more investment value in the 500 Index over a lower reading.

    During the summer I have continued to move money left within my portfolio into more conserative investments. My hybird funds now are approaching my target allocation and pretty much split my invested assets about even between those that I throttle and what the hybrid fund manages handle.

    Again, it has been a joy to host the tread ... but, also, time for me to move on to something else that centers around investing and will require some time in its development.

    I wish all ... "Good Investing."

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