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TBO private board - respond to this thread to apply for access to the board

Hi, guys.

Following requests from several board members affected by the TBO Capital scam, we've created a locked TBO private board. The locked board will provide a space where affected members might share information that they're not comfortable making available to the world in general.

We assumed that the Vanilla software would allow people to see the board without opening its posts. After half an hour of fiddling, Chip concluded that we were wrong about that. (Ummm, freeware.) Here's her workaround: the board is live, active and visible only to its members. If you have been affected by the scam and would like access, post that request here. The mods and I will be vigilant about monitoring and quickly moving folks in.

Sorry that it can't be more elegant.

As ever,



  • Thank You David for your help; We appreciate it.
  • I can't find it on the discussion board.
  • @daniel34606- Yes, I've informed David Snowball of that... likely a technological glitch that needs to be worked out. Patience.

  • requesting to access the board.
  • Hi, Daniel. You're in!
  • Can I also have access to the board?
  • Gotcha! You should be able to access it now!
  • Hi guys, I did report the scam to NY state attorney. Please all of you report to,, FBI ( and new york state attorney; if we all complain and probably more coming (i just approved someone who got scammed by TBO into this group). We need to be vigilant; They need to find this guy Darius Kaparvicius and throw him in jail so we can get our money back (hopefully if he didn't pass it to someone else in his family by then).
  • Please add me to the private board
  • Hi all, Teresa here. I just started the first discussion in the private board. Let's all start sharing info there. THANK YOU! Stay strong!!! Teresa
  • I'd like to be added too! I started a "Blogger" page but would rather not add to the confusion! We got nailed by that creep too...
  • I would like to be added
  • Ben here, I would like added please. I was also taken by TBO, unfortunately as recent as an August deposit to them. Thanks!
  • Please add. Thank you.
  • I believe the last 2 people BINGOLD and RVFUNUSA have been added with legit emails and being TBO investor losing $$
  • Where is the link to get into the locked TBO Private Board? Not sure if I am in yet or not...thanks!
  • edited October 2022
    Happened to me too. I invested a small amount and made $7K since May of this year. When looking for the income for October - found that the site and domain is gone. And now whoosh they flew away with our money. I have filed a police report locally where I live. I just filed the complaint with SEC. Will keep updating this post as I keep filing.
  • Dale_S - you now have access to the Private TBO board. Thank you for your patience. Teresa
  • rvfunusa - you now have access to the Private TBO board. Thank you for your patience. Teresa
  • Bingold - you now have access to the Private TBO board. Thank you for your patience. Teresa
  • Tim - you now have access to the Private TBO board. Thank you for your patience. Teresa
  • Andor - you now have access to the Private TBO board. Thank you for your patience. Teresa
  • Bob_Up - you have access! :) As you know, I added you yesterday!! :0 Teresa
  • louise - you have access!! I think Lucy added you yesterday!!! Teresa
  • daniel34606 - you have access! I think David or Lucy added you!!! Thank you!
  • Old_Joe - do you need access? I was not sure if you were a victim? Thank you, please let me know. Teresa
  • Hi Teresa- no I don't, thank you- somehow I missed out on the TBO fiasco. My posts have just been to try and help the TBO group who may be unfamiliar with the mechanics of MFO to get to your thread. Seems like you have it pretty well under control now.
  • Hey OJ! I am so glad (and jealous) you are not involved in this!!!!!!!!!! MY GOSH! Glad for you!!!! Thank you for your help and caring!! It means a lot that people care! Keep helping us, don't be shy!!!!! Teresa
  • For those asking if this is the private board or where is it, I believe this is it here. I haven't see any other.
  • Yep. The nature of a private board, at least in this software, is that it's invisible until you're a member. It would be reassuring if non-members could at least see the name of the board over in the left-side roster, but the software doesn't have that capacity. Sorry 'bout that.
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