Strong June Propels New Bull Market

By Charles Boccadoro

Despite pervasive skepticism based on: Russian invasion. China US tension. Inflation. Rising rates. Bank collapses. Default fears. The S&P 500 has been climbing generally for 9 months. Axios describes this year’s market as “climbing a wall of worry.”

A strong June of 6.6% return propelled the index to 26% over its October low, which qualifies the advance as a new bull market. Continue reading →

Battle of the Titans for Portfolio Management – Fidelity vs Vanguard

By Charles Lynn Bolin

Asset Manager Titans Fidelity and Vanguard have options for portfolio management that vary allocations across asset classes over time which include assessments of long-term market trends. Fidelity has the Business Cycle Approach while Vanguard has the time-varying-asset approach based on the Vanguard Capital Markets Model (VCMM). In this article, I briefly describe Continue reading →

Fire-and-Forget Gone Wrong: The Rise of GoodHaven Fund

By David Snowball

In the military realm, “fire and forget” designates a weapon that you don’t need to think about once it’s been launched. In investing, “fire and forget” could be used to describe several sorts of mistakes centering on our impulse to look away once we’ve made a decision. One of those mistakes is to buy a fund (presumably for a good reason) then sell it (presumably for a good reason) and then never re-examine your decision.

Managers – both corporate and fund – make Continue reading →

Is Bigger Better?

By Charles Lynn Bolin

I have often heard that smaller funds are able to outperform larger ones because they can be nimbler. This article started as a search for the best performing “core” funds over the past fifteen years, but I started over several times as I challenged my own search criteria to select only large funds. My assumption was that success builds upon success and investors invest more in funds that are doing Continue reading →

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Funds worth watching for: Genoa Opportunistic Income ETF and Dynamic Alpha Macro Fund

By David Snowball

The Securities and Exchange Commission, by law, gets between 60 and 75 days to review proposed new funds before they can be offered for sale to the public. Each month we survey actively managed funds and ETFs in the pipeline. Summer is a slow time for new fund launches, with the pipeline filling up in November in anticipation of reaching the market by December 30.

Many new funds, like many existing funds, are bad ideas. (Really, you want an ETF that invests in a single AI stock?) Most will flounder in rightful obscurity. That said, each month brings Continue reading →

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Briefly Noted…

By TheShadow


Fido’s conversion

Fidelity converted its “disruptive” funds to ETFs. They are Fidelity Disruptive Automation (FBOT), Fidelity Disruptive Communications (FDCF), Fidelity Disruptive Finance (FDFF), Fidelity Disruptive Medicine (FMED), and Fidelity Disruptive Technology (FDTX). As a group, they are not terribly compelling. They began trading this week. 

Next up: the Continue reading →