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Small funds of exceptional merit

Aston/River Road Independent Value (ARIVX)

This fund was previously profiled in September 2012. You can find that profile here. Objective The fund seeks to provide long-term total return by investing in common and preferred stocks, convertibles and REITs. The manager attempts to invest in high quality, small- to mid-cap firms (those with market caps between $100 million and $5 billion). […]

Centaur Total Return Fund (TILDX)

Objective The fund seeks “maximum total return” through a combination of capital appreciation and income. The fund invests in undervalued securities, mostly mid- to large-cap dividend paying stocks. The manager has the option of investing in REITs, master limited partnerships, royalty trusts, preferred shares, convertibles, bonds and cash. The manager invests in companies “that it […]

Intrepid Endurance (ICMAX), April 2016

Objective and strategy The fund pursues long-term capital appreciation by investing in high quality small cap equities, which they’ll only buy and hold when they’re undervalued. “Small stocks” are stocks comparable in size to those in common indexes like the Russell 2000; currently, that means a maximum cap of $6.5 billion. The fund can hold […]

Royce Global Financial Services (RYFSX), March 2016

Objective and strategy The fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in micro-, small- and mid-cap financial services stocks with market caps up to $5 billion. The financial services industry includes banks, savings & loans, insurance, investment managers, brokers, and the folks who support them. The managers anticipate having 40% of the portfolio in non-U.S. […]

Leuthold Core Investment (LCORX), February 2016

Objective and strategy Leuthold Core pursues capital appreciation and income through the use of tactical asset allocation. Their objective is to avoid significant loss of capital and deliver positive absolute returns while assuming lower risk exposure and lower relative volatility than the S&P 500. Assets are allocated among stocks and ADRs, corporate and government bonds, […]

Fidelity Total Emerging Markets (FTEMX), December 2015

Objective and strategy FTEMX seeks income and capital growth by investing in both emerging markets equities and emerging markets debt. White their neutral weighting is 60/40 between stocks/bonds, the managers adjust the balance between equity and debt based on which universe is most attractively positioned. In practice, that has ranged between 55% – 75% in […]

RiverNorth Core Opportunity (RNCOX/RNCIX), November 2015

THIS IS AN UPDATE OF THE FUND PROFILE ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN June 2011. YOU CAN FIND THAT ORIGINAL PROFILE HERE. Objective and strategy The fund seeks long-term capital appreciation and income, while trying to maintain a sense of “prudent investment risk over the long-term.” RNCOX is a “balanced” fund with several twists. First, it adjusts […]

TCW/Gargoyle Hedged Value (TFHVX/TFHIX), September 2015

Objective and strategy TCW/Gargoyle Hedged Value seeks long-term capital appreciation while exposing investors to less risk than broad stock market indices. The strategy is to hold a diversified portfolio mid- to large-cap value stocks, mostly domestic, and to hedge part of the stock market risk by selling a blend of index call options. In theory, […]

Manning & Napier Pro-Blend Conservative (EXDAX), September 2015

Objective and strategy The fund’s first objective is to provide preservation of capital. Its secondary concerns are to provide income and long-term growth of capital. The fund invests primarily in fixed-income securities. It tilts toward shorter-term, investment grade issues while having the ability to go elsewhere when the opportunities are compelling. It also invests in […]