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MFO Premium Webinar: Mid-Year Review and Latest Site Upgrades – Thursday, 15 July 2021

By Charles Boccadoro

The next MFO Premium webinars will occur Thursday, July 15th.

Our premium search tool site helps individual investors and financial advisers 1) sort through the vast number of funds available today based on criteria important to them, 2) maintain candidate lists of promising funds to conduct further due diligence on, and 3) monitor risk and return performance of their current portfolios.

In addition to the recent upgrades, described below, the webinars will highlight fund performance for the first half of 2021. Month ending June data should post Sunday, 4 July.

Since our last webinar in April, significant upgrades include:

  • Redesigned MultiSearch Column Selection interface that enables quick-and-easy customization of metric groups and individual metrics, resulting in a much more responsive tool.
  • New MultiSearch Display Periods, Model Portfolios, and Pre-Set Screens.
  • New MultiSearch screening metrics: Lipper Leaders, Equity Portfolio Ratings, Debt and Currency Holdings, and Smart Beta.
  • Additional MultiSearch screening options: Set APR against key reference indexes, like SP500, and set “Less Than” Sector Allocations.
  • MultiSearch options to overwrite and nickname during export of WatchLists, Searches, and Preferences to the user profile.
  • Stored MultiSearch Preferences, up to 10. Each Preference holds your preferred view: Active Groups on the Search Input page, column order in Results Table, and much more.

Here’s a preview of the new Column Group selection menu:

And here’s a preview of the new Individual Column selection menu (first three groups):

The morning session will be at 11 am Pacific time (2pm Eastern). The afternoon at 2pm Pacific time (5pm Eastern). The webinars will be enabled by Zoom. You are welcome to register for both webinars.

Please use the following links to register for the morning session or afternoon session. Each will last nominally 1 hour, including questions.

Material covered in the previous webinar can be found here.

Hope you can join us again on the call. If you have any topics you’d like discussed, or general questions, happy to answer promptly via email ([email protected]) or scheduled call.

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