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What I’m Thinking

By Charles Lynn Bolin

I put some thought into the following paragraph.  It is not gloom and doom, nor does it paint a rosy picture. 

New cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. have stabilized at 25 thousand cases and 2,000 deaths on a daily basis which, if not improved soon, are terrifying numbers. 

Worldwide, 81% of the closed cases are due to recoveries while the other 19% resulted in deaths. 

Vaccines are promising, but not on the near term horizon. 

Plans to reopen businesses rely on continued social distancing, improved personal hygiene, increased and improved testing, personal surveillance to track who has come into contact with others, and temperature scanning which will take time to implement.

The number of people receiving unemployment claims has soared to 16 million.

Life for most of us is not returning to normal this year or next. Businesses will have to adapt to new lifestyles and some will go out of business. Government social programs and massive stimulus will prevent a financial crisis and depression, in my opinion, but burden the U.S. for decades with debts.  

New York offers a ray of hope after being hit the hardest with measured plans to open some low-risk businesses by May 15.

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About Charles Lynn Bolin

Lynn Bolin retired in June 2022 and is immensely enjoying the more relaxed lifestyle. He spends his extra time with family, studying the economy and investing, at the gym, exploring the parks, and tasting the culinary pleasures at the local restaurants and Farmer’s Markets. After spending over thirteen years working internationally, he is enjoying exploring nature closer to home. Lynn graduated with an Engineering degree from New Mexico Tech and an MBA from Eastern New Mexico University. He worked as a Technical Services Manager over engineering and other functions. He enjoys building investing models in his spare time and writes articles for Seeking Alpha.